#Vacay: Miami Beach, Florida


For my last spring break in college I took a trip to Miami Beach, Florida. I stayed at the Red South Beach Hotel that is actually part of mid-beach but only 7-10 minutes away from actual South Beach. Miami Beach welcomed me with very sunny skies and mild humidity. Making my way down to the South Beach strip, I was greeted with a bounty of bars and restaurants. As the streets and sidewalks were filled with so many other students on spring break, it was a college frenzy when I visited. 

Taking morning trips to the beach I truly appreciated the tranquility. Waking up with the sun gave me so much energy and motivation to get the most out of my day. As I laid out with the sun beating down on me there was nothing else in the world that could offer me more bliss.

If you ever have the chance to visit Miami Beach, I highly recommend taking a trip to Wynwood Walls. The artwork there was fabulous! From my hotel it was about a 15 minute ride via Uber. Aside from Wynwood Walls, the Wynwood district itself is filled with life and color. Almost every side of a building has graffiti to display with many discrete art galleries around. I would also recommend going there for food & drinks. I found a place called Coyo Taco. The food was delicious! I recommend the chicken tacos & the chicken quesadilla. It's a fast paced restaurant that can get busy pretty quickly but definitely worth the wait.


For those looking for a great brunch spot while in town, I recommend 660 at the Anglers. 660 offers your typical bottomless mimosa deal for $25. The mimosa's come in a variety of flavors including: guava, pineapple, orange, cranberry, and peach. My favorites were the guava and peach because they paired well with the champagne. The food at this restaurant is crafted to perfection. Pictured is the chicken and waffles I ordered that comes with both maple syrup and guava butter.The chef told me one of his secret ingredients in the waffles was SPRITE! How funny is that?! Also pictured is the crab cake Benedict that my friend ordered. That too was delicious! This place is literally a hidden gem in South Beach Miami that everyone must try.

My trip to Miami was filled with great food and beach vibes quite contrasting to the cold March I was experiencing in New Jersey. Miami's warm weather and cloudless skies made for the perfect location for a spring getaway. I must say I truly enjoyed myself on this vacation.

- Manessa Lo.

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