Pursuing a Master of Business & Science


I will soon be A

Master of Business and Science.

Choosing the right graduate program can feel daunting and intimidating. Since this is a rather expensive investment you want to ensure that you are making the right choice. When considering the next step in your education it is also wise to understand what you want to achieve within your career.


Is a graduate level education even necessary for what you want to do? Will the school you are considering set you up for success when you are done? Will work experience alone allow you to progress through the ranks?

Keeping these factors in mind I chose to pursue a Master of Business and Science focused on Personal Care Science only offered by Rutgers University. This degree offered more versatility compared to other graduate programs I researched.

The following are 5 reasons why I chose to pursue a Master of Business & Science (MBS) degree.

Combination of Business and Science

This program offers a hybrid combination of business & science as the name suggests. For this program, I am required to take 24 science credits and 19 business credits. This program is perfect if you are undecided on fully committing to a MS or a MBA. While you get slightly more science than business, this is a degree truly designed for those working in an industry setting. I may be a chemist but it is ideal that I understand business principles whether its marketing, finance, or simple communication skills. These are the concepts that can positively impact my performance as an employee. Why not learn these principles in conjunction with fundamental product formulation? The MBS offers a unique class offering to help me build a strong foundation in cosmetics.

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I saved $12,000!

4+ 1 Degree Option

As an undergraduate student at Rutgers, I was able to begin taking graduate classes my senior year. As most of my undergraduate education was funded through scholarships & financial aid, I didn’t have to pay extra for the graduate classes. They were already calculated part of my tuition. This lead to me have a cost savings of over $12,000 for the 4 classes I was able to take while in undergrad. I decided to start the program as an undergrad not only because I would be saving money but to evaluate the pace of the program and decide if I could handle it when I began my full-time job.

Evening Class Offering

Another benefit that made this program appealing is that there is a wide array of classes offered on a once a week evening basis. For someone that works full-time such as myself this is very accommodating for working professionals. Since classes start at 6:30 pm, I usually have enough time to get to class (minus the traffic) after work. It is easy to manage your schedule since each course consistently meets once a week at the same time.

two-fold Career Development

While many advanced degree programs give you a unique set of skills to conquer your job, most of them lack the resources to actually help you be successful in the real-world. The MBS program intentionally offers students externship opportunities to use the skills they cultivate in real-world settings. For example, students can do externships with companies and profit organizations in various capacities. Externships can include social media management, data analytics/visualization, or UX designing. Some projects can range from 2 weeks to even 6 months depending on the need. Additionally, the MBS offers a very unique and required course called Principles of Communication and Leadership. This course is designed to increase self-confidence, presentation skills, and career savvy. With both of these aspects the MBS program caters to the critical career development of students.

Proximity to Work & Home

As someone who lives in north Jersey my commute to Rutgers after work ~30 – 40 mins including traffic. This drive is more than bearable even with heavy traffic. It is not a far trek when I am driving home after class either. I typically drive less than 30 minutes to get home after class.

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My decision to pursue the MBS degree at Rutgers was based on many factors. The concept of the degree being a combination of business and science was definitely appealing. There are very few, if any, degrees that combine business principles with science foundations to make you a well-rounded employee in industry. My ability to start the program as an undergrad was also alluring. Not only did this help me save upwards of $12,000 but this also allowed me to save time by leveraging the option to take classes my senior year of college. As I was already familiar with the distance from my job and home, this made the decision that much easier. While classes are offered on a consistent once a week basis, the program also has a number of classes offered online or in a hybrid format. This allows for a lot more flexibility than traditional methods of teaching.

As I near my last semester in the program, I stand by my decision in choosing Rutgers for the Master of Business and Science program. To date I have met some amazing teachers and colleagues that have made my experience truly memorable. I definitely look forward to what’s in store for my last semester.

 If you are interested in learning more about the Rutgers Master of Business and Science I encourage you to visit their website. There are a multitude of different concentrations to be explored.

Feel free to message me if you have questions as well!

- Manessa Lo.