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My name is Manessa Lo. and I love life experiences. I am a young professional pursing a career in the cosmetics industry. In the past couple of years my travels through study abroad and for fun have allowed me to tap into my love of travel. I created this blog as way to promote the destinations I've explored. I absolutely love traveling and I think it is a very essential part of living. I want this site to help future travelers feel inspired to travel the world.

Aside from traveling, I am a big proponent for financial stability and overall well-being. The content provided to you on this platform is structured to engage you on different aspects of life.

Lastly, my goal with this blog is to offer an escape for those living in this ever busy world. Through my pictures and descriptions I hope to encourage all of my visitors to travel to similar destinations while also being open to exploring new places.
I am always open to questions or feedback about my experiences so please feel free to comment or send an email.

- Manessa Lo.